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Traffic Havoc Waiting to Happen


DelDot Improvement of 2022 (HSIPSR24) Negated

It is a 'Hazard Elimination Program (HEP)' but its costly effect will be cancelled out by the extra trucks/trailers and passenger car traffic this large fueling station will bring to Angola Rd and Rt 24 intersection. 

Angola Rd/Rt 24 Intersection - "F" for AM; "E" for PM Traffic

Per DelDOT's January 2018 report of  Henlopen Transportation Improvement District (TID), Existing Conditions Traffic Analysis

Angola Rd and Rt 24 intersection received "F' for AM Peak traffic and "E" for PM Peak traffic! Only 2 of 62 intersections studied fared worse: Rt. 24/Plantation Rd and Rt 24/Camp Arrowhead Rd - "F" on both AM and PM.

DelDOT tries to fix this problem with 2022 Improvement project, but the County, not only failing to recognize the severity of this particular intersection problem, but also is trying to tag along this absolutely-critical improvement to pile on more developments and bring in a heavy-traffic commercial fueling station to mess it up again.

Anyone who does not live in the area having to deal with this problem everyday should not say that the area residents are just making it up to oppose this case. 

For those who have alternate routes, please just go around Angola area and do not add insult to injury!

Winter Road Condition Hazardous

  • During the winter months,  ice and snow often accumulate on the curve where Sarah’s Run at times floods the roadway. Trees, and the shadows they cast, inhibit the melting process, making Angola Road very hazardous.  It is not unusual to see cars that failed to navigate the curve on the side of the road or in a ditch. Imagine fuel trucks, or any truck for that matter, using Angola Road during icy conditions, especially if drivers are not aware of the conditions the locals know to be true.  

  • During January 2018 snowstorm, there were 6-7 cars piled up on Angola Rd and another 5-6 on Camp Arrowhead - Angola Neck residents were locked in until those cars were cleared away.

Rt 24 Exit/Entrance is Right-in/Right-out, but Right-out is not for big rigs.

  • All big rigs will have to exit onto Angola Rd, which sits right next to Sarah Run and its culvert.
  • The long trailers will take up multi-car space in the turn lanes frustrating the cars behind not making it through the signal.
  • Big rigs do not accelerate as passenger cars do when light changes to green.
  • Big rigs will take longer to get in and out the station and cause backups behind them, either in the access area or on the street.

Concrete Barrier in the middle of Rt 24

  • A concrete barrier is to be added in the middle of Rt. 24 to stop cars going westbound to make a left turn to go into this station.
  • This barrier may cause some to make a U-turn.
  • This will make it difficult for EMS and fire trucks to navigate their ways when Rt 24 is packed on both sides.
  • Possible More U-turns on Angola Road: Some cars getting out of Angola Rd exit may turn right, due to difficulty in making a left turn toward the signal, drive to the next community and make a U-turn there. 

A Conditional Use that requires a concrete barrier in the middle of our main road?

Potential Accidents/Crimes May Cause the Road Closure

If there is an accident, which is more likely than not having this station on this site, Angola Road, the main access road for many residents, will be closed for investigation. If there is fatality, it will be closed even longer. Reporters may rush to this location as well as EMS, Fire, Police, . . .