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Inform Neighbors/Neighboring Communities

Tidewater Service Communities in the Area

Communities Listed in Angola Pump District

in 2018 Tidewater Annual Water Quality Report:


  • Angola by the Bay
  • Angola District
  • Angola Estates
  • Bay Front
  • Bay Pines
  • Bay Pointe (Herring Pointe)
  • Bay Ridge Woods
  • Chapel Green
  • Cove on Herring Creek
  • Lochwood
  • Marsh Farm Estates
  • Oakwood Village
  • Richfield Acres
  • Village at Herring Creek
  • West Bay Park
  • Woods on Herring Creek

"Contaminated ground water is difficult and very expensive to clean up. Local communities are often left to bear the cost of well replacement or water treatment," according to

Tidewater does not disclose the location of wells for security reasons, but they say there are multiple wells serving Angola Pump District.  Delaware Source Water Protection also affirmed that there are multiple wells and they are interconnected. 

If one well is contaminated, the customers in the district (and possibly the County, if it is found to be at fault) may have to bear  the cost of consequences.

However, this is Not Angola Problem, it is Sussex Problem

If this is approved in Angola and set a precedent, the same Abuse of Conditional Use can sprout anywhere in Sussex County. 

If any commercial business can be set up anywhere with just a Conditional Use permit, why bother to get a Zoning Change?

That's why it must be stopped.