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There are groups that have risen in recent years calling for reasonable growth based on planning and vision. They may be small today, but it would not be as each of us counts as one more in numbers.

In times like this, we see groups work together toward common goals and we cheer and encourage them as they lead.

SARG (Sussex Alliance for Reasonable Growth)


Sussex Alliance for Responsible Growth lauded for input on county comp plan (10/17/2019 - Delaware State News) 

We thank Rich Borrasso of SARG for speaking at Council's Public Hearing against CU2176 with factual data based on Henlopen Transportation Improvement District (TID). 

Sussex Union for Responsible Growth & Expansion (SURGE)

SURGE believes that Sussex County is a prosperous and thriving place and the quality of life is envied by many other communities.There is a diversity of neighborhoods, across hundreds of square miles. 

SURGE was formed as a result of the ever-worsening transportation crisis compounded by chaotic development that further intensifies these challenges. As building continues at its current rate, police, fire, emergency, medical, schools and school services are unable to be adequately provided. SURGE also sees a community that is more and more unaffordable with a widening gap between our highest earners and everyone else. 

But the good news is we can ensure that every resident fully — and equally — benefits from living in our wonderful community. We can do this by charting a comprehensive and fully inclusive vision for future growth with adequate public facilities accompanying the increase in residential and commercial construction. The even better news is that the residents of Sussex County are hungry for just such a vision. 

The Sussex County Council needs to put the Coastal/ESDA Overlay Zone area of the county under a moratorium that will block new, planned or being built residential buildings or units for at least one year. The moratorium takes effect upon the Council’s approval. 

This petition is the result of:

  •  A review of county’s chaotic and unsafe growth patterns
  • The lack of an Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance (APFO) in Sussex County that is found in the majority of surrounding counties. 
  • The fact that approved and planned construction of roadways and intersection improvements are NOT completed in CONCURRENCE with housing and commercial expansion. The consequence is that the roadway level of service (LOS) is not improved nor is it adequate for the expansion demand within the Coastal/ESDA area. 
  • The failure of Sussex County to live up to its obligations in the APRIL, 1988 SUSSEX COUNTY/DELAWARE DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING FOR LAND DEVELOPMENT COORDINATION. Sussex County has failed its residents by ignoring the mandates in this document since its effective date. The MOU includes an “…agreement to delay all or part of the development until specific highway improvements are made by DelDOT.” 
  • Ineffective or lack of appropriate enforcement of County Codes such as Sussex County Code § 115-194.3 ES-1 Environmentally Sensitive Development District Overlay Zone (ESDDOZ) [Added 12-9-2003 by Ord. No. 1645] which states “Actions to be taken by the applicant (developer) to mitigate the detrimental impacts identified relevant to Subsection B(2) (a) through (k) above and the manner by which they are consistent with the Comprehensive Plan.” One of the Subsections identifies that “… increases in traffic and the effect on surrounding roadway system.” as an area that needs to be mitigated

NOTE: (developer ) was added to identify the applicant. 


If you would like to speak to a SURGE representative in more detail or, to volunteer your support in any way please email.

Download and read the Sussex County/DelDOT MOU of April 1988 for Land Development Coordination.

If you'd like to sign a petition, please download the petition form, fill it up and email to

Center for Inland Bays

Inland Bays Foundation, Inc.


  •  Enforce Sussex County 2018 Comprehensive Plan
  • Enact Clean Water Legislation
  • Enforce Sussex County 2018 Comprehensive Plan
  • Hold DNREC Accountable
  • Fund Cover Crop Initiatives
  • Support Sussex County Health Study
  • Support Holts Landing State Park
  • Promote Public Awareness


 Thank you for your interest in the Inland Bays Foundation. We look forward to you joining us in our efforts to overcome the challenges facing our Inland Bays: Rehoboth, Indian River and Little Assawoman. Over time the Bays Estuary has changed from being primarily an agricultural area to one with ever-growing urban encroachment. The facts are our Watershed is severely polluted from sources including growing bacterial pollution from failed septic systems and increased amounts of nutrient pollution from storm water.  IBF has been very active in speaking out and lobbying for Clean Water Legislation and more effective enforcement of DNREC regulations.

Please join us and through our numbers send the message to the legislature and the Governor that business as usual is not acceptable.

Annual membership per family or individual is $35.

Delaware Coalition For Open Government (DelCoG)

What We Do

  •  Work with the Attorney General on enforcement of the FOI law.
  • Work cooperatively on access with all branches and levels of government.
  • Offer programs that bring people together to talk about access issues.
  • Survey our legislators on the level of their support for open government.
  • Seek to inform and aid those experiencing difficulty gaining access to information from their state and local governments.
  • Serve as a resource for FOIA filings and related lawsuits.
  • Take part in national recognition of Sunshine Week.
  • Answer questions and provide resources online.

Who Should Join DELCOG?

 Individuals, journalists, lawyers, government officials; civic, professional and non-profit organizations; academic centers – all who believe that a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, should also be open to the people!

Why Should You Join DELCOG

Because your participation is vital.

  • Your membership helps support the work of DELCOG, an association of citizens and organizations whose common purpose is to ensure the public’s right to oversee its government through the use of public access laws.
  • Your voice, when joined with that of others, can help stop unwarranted secrecy — in the statehouse, in the courthouse, in city hall — and can help ensure increased openness and accountability in state and local government. In Delaware:
    • Access to public records is being increasingly and widely restricted by the destruction of documents, arbitrary denial, extended delays or prohibitive cost. And that affects all of us.
    • The control of electronic public records is being dominated by private vendors who can charge exorbitant sums for access, viewing, and copies. And that affects all of us.
  • Your tax-deductible contributions enable DELCOG, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, to offer programs about and broaden support for good government and help us maintain this Web site. Our Tax ID # is 31309.

Because you can be actively involved in work that will benefit all citizens in the First State. You can participate on committees to

  • help ensure ease of access as well as access at a reasonable cost.
  • plan programs that will shed more light on the public’s right to know how its government operates.
  • prepare educational reports or other publications.
  • explore and define other critical FOI issues and initiatives and make recommendations for individual or collective action.

Sussex Health & Environmental Network (SHEN)


Our Vision

The vision of SHEN, a coalition of stakeholders in Sussex County, Delaware, is to ensure a clean, healthy environment for future generations 

Our Mission

 The mission of SHEN is to improve the health of its citizens and their natural environment. This mission will be achieved by:

  • Bringing attention to current environmental health threats and environmental justice issues, such as contaminated water and air, by creating an outreach network
  • Partnering with local businesses, non-profit groups, community ambassadors, and fellow residents to achieve these goals
  • Working with all branches of local, state, and federal government to find sustainable solutions


  • Clean Water
  • Environmental Justice
  • Public Health