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Do not be angry, but be armed with knowledge based on facts and truth.  That gives us the solid foundation to stand on with strength and confidence, hope and resolve - not solely on anger and hatred.

We learn one thing at a time, but eventually we will grasp the big picture.

Be ready to help others get the facts and truth.

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Del/Sussex Codes

Delaware & Sussex Codes on Source Water Protection

Delaware Codes:

                      § 6084 Source Water Protection Citizen and Technical Advisory Committee. 

Sussex Codes:

  • Ch 89 Source Water Protection

 § 89-5 Adoption of Source Water Protection Area Maps

 § 89-6 Wellhead protection areas 

 § 89-8 Boundary determination for wellhead protection areas and excellent groundwater recharge areas

 § 89-10 Source Water Protection Technical Advisory Committee 

                      §115-172 Special Requirements