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Public Outcry

Your Voice Matters!

 (The quotes are from concerned people and organizations from both the neighborhood and all areas of Sussex County. )

'The system of review is set up to favor approval, not denial. The presumption of the Commissioners and Council is that their constituents cannot possibly understand the "complexities" of the zoning process, and that such things are best left in the hands of the "professionals" and politicians who have the knowledge and experience to make these decisions for we, the little people, easily distracted and ignorant as we are. This is a variant of the "philosopher kings" argument Plato and others put forth, that "the people" may be granted limited self-government, but cannot be trusted with weightier matters.  Besides, it benefits those who are the "philosopher Kings,"  not surprisingly, as they and their families and friends prosper at the public's expense. When I attended the P&Z commission's meeting on CU 2176, one of the commissioners kept interrupting me several times, "Are you a traffic expert?", as if HE was.  Keeping my temper was a real test at that point. '

"Why a fueling station here? We do not need it, do not want it, will not patronize it!"

"So, why do we primarily  talk about the traffic, drinking water, environmental issues on this  Perhaps more important or fundamental issue should be: 

'How did we get here? If a large fueling station is allowed with just a Conditional Use Permit on this fragile intersection in AR-1, next to a perennial stream flowing into Rehoboth Bay (within half a mile) and  adjacent to public drinking water source, what will be the next, and where? Are we on a slippery slope unawares?'

If the Sussex Code allows this, it is broken and must be fixed. But, who will do this?

Steve Jobs once said, 'if you want to be a great leader, be mindful and project the future.' "

"State regulations and oversight! Yeah, they are put in place with good intentions, with what we know today and the best current technologies, and with confidence that everyone will do their job right. Haven't they changed overtime because we learned of some new hazards? What about inadequate employee training and human mistakes, and malfunction of detection systems or sensors?  Boeing 737 Max is a big time example of failure in the combination of regulations, oversight, technologies and training, all at once. How many people had to die before it was grounded? What is the cost of remediation?

Accidents do happen. The problem is, no one can predict when and how they will happen, and how manageable, or not, they may be.

Whose job is it to take care of the public so ignorant and powerless that they are at the mercy of the few in the power? Is it time for the public to wake up?"

" I live near this area and I do not support the 7 Eleven to go up on the corner of RT 24 and Angola Road. It will cause more accidents and more problems with traffic. There is a lot of building going on in this area, which will mean that there will be more traffic on the road. RT 24 needs to be widened in order to deal with the building of new homes in the area. "

" Filthy toxin filled polluted Delaware waters -

It's been determined over 70% of our waters in Delaware are polluted beyond imagination, so much in fact Gov Carney has introduced his Clean Water Act initiative to curtail the sources of this deadly diploma.
It's well documented gas station spillage is a major contributing factor.
Each fuel pump discharges via spillage 1500 liters of fuel annually, in addition to accidents which are frequent. Then via absorption and weathering it seeps Into the soil then our aquifers.
Ironically, the Sussex cty P&Z approved a 7/11 convenience / fuel station above a well head less than 100 ' from the pumps?
Guess what? Sussex county legislators didn't get the memo once again put
special interest above the health and safety of their constituents as usual.
It plain common sense, it needs to be rejected! "

"Do not play Monopoly with our lives!"

"Protection of our water source starts with being proactive - by not only removing potential hazards that are already there, but also by not placing potential source of hazards there in the first place!"

 "It is NOT about a cup of coffee, but it's about the water you use to make that coffee, among other  things."

"How did this 7-Eleven Conditional Use even pass Planning & Zoning?"

"If you don't have to  drink the water here and use the intersection daily, how is it that you think your voice should override ours?"

"We old people may not have much time to live and may not see the feared contamination of our water source, but our children and grandchildren will inherit this potential water problem. No wonder they cry, 'we do not want your hope; we want you to panic!'"

"Disasters waiting to happen! Many residents in Angola are seniors and frequently need emergency service than young folks. We need our first responders to come as quick as possible."

"Why is the public given only 5-calendar days to comment on agencies' responses? The public needs more time than applicants or the County officials who have engineers and lawyers to do their leg work; the public does not! Maybe because the public cannot know enough to respond anyway?"

"Why not put a CVS there? We seniors need more drug stores (to quickly get cold medicine, Gas-X, etc.) than gas stations. Many of us here need to use CVS for our medicines due to some contract, but they are only on Coastal Hwy where we do not wish to drive to, and the closest one in the other direction is maybe 20 miles away. CVS's regular price may be higher, but often issues good coupons (40% off)."

"We need more good restaurants in this area. What about a nice one overlooking Sarah Run?"

"We need a daycare for the workforce housing of 200+ to be built on Angola Road."

"What about a doctor's office or an emergency clinic? Unlike in the olden days, our doctors do not even visit when we are in the hospital. So, why are they all near the hospital?"

"We can use a good chiropractor."

"There can be many kinds of businesses there, but not a fueling station with 7-Eleven!"

"With only estimated 500 cars/day patronizing, how can the large fueling station with 7-Eleven stay in business? If it folds, the locals have to pass by a taped-up gas station and the County may have to clean up the site??? If it generates lots more traffic and stay in business, the residents will have to fight the traffic! We are doomed!" 

"Why is the public barred from meeting our elected officials? It is odd. We will meet them one way or another, at the voting booth, maybe?"

"All-republican Council may be ruining our party!"

"Sarah Run overflows in heavy rain. The road freezes in the dip over the curvy, narrow Sarah Run culvert. After Jan. 2018 snowstorm, there were 6-7 cars piled up. Camp Arrowhead was also blocked. Residents locked in!"

"All the runoff from the spills from cars/trucks/trailers that are not well maintained will flow into Sarah Run."

"Five turning lanes on Angola Road? What would the road be like during the construction? How is the road over Sarah Run going to take all the heavy equipment and vehicles pounding on the fragile road? There are already many of them for the construction of 314-home Middle Creek Preserve (they don't preserve NOTHING!) and 270 more are approved on 1.3 mile stretch of Angola Road."

"Can you imagine a tractor trailer getting out to Angola Rd, trying to cross 4 lanes to get to the the right turn lane to go RT 24 eastbound? It will block all the cars coming from Angola Rd toward Rt 24."

"According to Henlopen Transportation Improvement Study of Jan. 2018, Angola Rd & Rt 24 intersection received 'F' in AM Peak and 'E' in PM Peak traffic. DelDOT is trying to mitigate this problem, and the County is trying to bring the problem back, negating DelDOT's expensive effort, or making it even worse than before."

"7-Eleven says it is going to add decelerating lane and accelerating lane to its entrance/exit points. Who asked for them? Take your money and spend it where it is needed and appreciated. What we need is DelDOT's improvement and see how it works first."

"Why is P&Z not making recommendations for many Conditional Use cases, but recommended approval for 7-Eleven with no qualm?"

"Isn't Conditional Use an exception allowing certain use under certain conditions and, when the conditions are violated, the permit is revoked? How is the 7-Eleven site going to be reverted back to before-Conditional-Use if it violates the conditions imposed?"

"Doesn't AR-1 zone have sign limitations? How is the all-around 7-Eleven sign going to fit with AR-1 sign regulations?"

"Did the applicant's engineer say that there is enough water to fight fire in case of one? Doesn't water splash the oil fire and spread it even more? Maybe they heard that firefighting foams contaminate water wells, so will use the ample water from the aquifer to put out the gas station fire. Where does all the water and gasoline/diesel go? Sarah Run and the wetlands, and the water well protection area, maybe?"

"Did the lawyer say something like, 'under the current code for this application with the direction of County Council (or Counsel) C/U is more appropriate than Commercial to provide full protection for surrounding properties'? What is he talking about? The current code allows 7-Eleven in AR-1 Coastal Area with Conditional Use permit to protect surrounding properties? What do the surrounding property owners say about this?  Something is wrong with the current code! Who put it there?"

"The lawyer says it will provide convenience to local residents. Convenience, NO. Only InConvenience and traffic nightmare, that's what it will provide!"

"A local business needs local support, you know."

"7-Eleven is not welcome in many places. Why here?"

"Robberies, and armed ones, often in the news related with 24-hour cash-dealing convenience stores! Don't even think about bringing it in this quiet residential neighborhood! Road closures for investigation, negative publicity! Really?"

"A concrete barrier in the middle of Rt 24 as a Condition for this Conditional Use permit! This will definitely make it difficult for EMS, fire trucks squeeze by when both sides are packed."