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Millions of Americans Drinking Water Contaminated Yet Legal: Environmental Working Group (10/23/19) 

"legal doesn't necessarily mean safe." 

More than 160 substances found in U.S. tap water are unregulated and the Maximum Contaminant Levels for some other contaminants haven't been updated in almost five decades, the EWG said. This means that though drinking water may meet national standards, it doesn't render it safe, the group said.

"The majority of water systems in the U.S. get a passing grade from the U.S. government," EWG toxicologist Alexis Temkin told Newsweek. But "legal doesn't necessarily mean safe." 

Dan Gaffney reported on (4/23/2019)


(This story has been quoted on this website, but not sure whether it is true or a fake news  since it has not been reported by any other sources. Does anyone recognize this?)

After fuel spill, store manager says "don't leave the pump unattended!"  

40 gallons of diesel fuel spilled at Yorktown 7-Eleven during refueling by tanker (10/9/2019)

USA Today - Tap water not as safe as you think (9/21/2019) 

 "The study, funded by the Park Foundation, compiled a list of 22 contaminants with carcinogenic risks present in 48,363 community water systems in the United States, which EWG estimates serve about 86% of the U.S. population "

MD Coastal Bays gets 2018 evaluation, shows decline in water quality 

BERLIN, Md. – The Maryland Coastal Bays got results back from their 2018 evaluation which highlighted a decline in the bay’s water quality. According to the report, the bays received a score of 71% for it’s overall water quality. Environmental officials tell 47 ABC a lot of what attributes to the decline is the runoff that goes into the water after a rainstorm which can often be polluted. That’s why they say it’s important now than ever before to make sure people know what they can do to prevent this from happening.