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Letters to Cape Gazette (& Delaware State news)

Letters Sent After Public Hearing on 9/17/2019


Sussex council implored to deny CU2176 (1/3/2020) 

Sussex has no choice but to deny 7-Eleven (12/20/2019) 


So many reasons to deny 7-Eleven request (12/20/2019) 


Sussex development has gotten out of control (12/19/2019 - Delaware State News) 

7-Eleven proposal will threaten environment (12/6/2019) 


Convenience store, fueling station must not be allowed to operate (12/5/2019  - Delaware State News) 

Tail of conditional use exceptions should not wag dog (11/14/2019) 


Conditional use not appropriate for 7-Eleven (11/14/2019) 

We are committed to opposing 7-Eleven (10/25/2019) 

There are many reasons to oppose 7-Eleven (10/18/2019) 

Who is protecting our water supplies? (10/11/2019) 

7-Eleven gas pumps will become obsolete (10/11/2019) 

Nothing is going to change in Sussex County (10/11/2019) 

Eastern Sussex has a road problem (10/11/2019) 

Sussex should listen to constituents (10/8/2019) 

 Concerning town hall meeting in Angola by the Bay (10/8/2019) 

Stop unbridled growth in Sussex County (10/8/2019) 

7-Eleven an abuse of conditional use (10/1/2019) 


Vote Sussex councilmen out of office (9/27/2019) 

Sussex Implored to Deny 7-Eleven Permit (9/27/2019) 

Proposed 7-Eleven Harbinger of Future (9/27/2019) 

Get Involved in 7-Eleven Debate Before Too Late (9/27/2019)’s-too-late/189382 

So Many Reasons to Deny 7-Eleven Application (9/27/2019) 

Sussex must deny 7-Eleven conditional use (9/20/2019) 

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Letters Sent Before Public Hearing

Bay Pointe residents urge denial of CU for 7-Eleven (9/13/2019) 

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 Water quality could be ruined with Angola project (9/13/2019) 


 Sussex urged not to approve 7-Eleven plans (9/10/2019) 


Sussex Way of Life Ruined by Development (9/3/2019)

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7-Eleven inappropriate on Route 24 (8/20/2019) 

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CZ 1855 Zoning Change Application to C-3 Heavy Commercial

 Sussex implored not to rezone Route 24 parcel  (10/12/2018) 

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