My Test

InConvenience, not Convenience!


Plenty of Gas Stations

 There are 8 gas stations within 4.3 miles of this proposed site. We don't need any more


Many Grocery and Convenience Stores

 Within 4 miles are Harris Teeter, Super G, Weise, and many convenience stores. 


Price Matters

BJ's packed parking at any time of any day can testify to the fact that residents here will go 14 miles out of their way to buy bulk for savings. 

Gas Filling is an In-Transit Task

Most people fill up the car on the way from and to somewhere, and the distance from their home does not make much difference. 

This will not add convenience to locals, but will add unwanted traffic nightmare.

Potential Closed Up Business - Eye Sore, Isolated, Unlit

If this large business is to attract only average of 50 cars/hour, as the applicant's study shows, this business may go out of business. 

The locals may not patronize due to difficult traffic in and out, not to mention their loath of seeing it against their protest.

"InConvenience" Store

This will not be a convenience store in walking distance of anyone. 

It will remind residents what inconvenience this site caused them for bringing cars/trucks/trailers to their quiet corner of the intersection they use everyday.

Not Welcome in Angola's  Residential Area.