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Environmental COncerns


Sarah Run runs into Inland Bay

Potential pollution of this Sarah Run stream 100 feet from the proposed diesel fuel pumps and the waste water run-off with fuel drops, oil drops & trash may be washed across the wide Angola Road entrance (no curbs there) and across Angola Road then falling 8-10 feet into Sarah Run stream on that side of the road. The stream then continues eastbound along RT 24. 

Coastal Areas - per Sussex County Comprehensive Plan

(from) > Sussex County Comprehensive Plan  <

4. Coastal Area

Permitted Uses – Coastal Areas are areas that can accommodate development provided special environmental concerns are addressed. A range of housing types should be permitted in Coastal Areas, including single-family homes, townhouses, and multi-family units. Retail and office uses are appropriate but larger shopping centers and office parks should be confined to selected locations with access along arterial roads. Appropriate mixed-use development should also be allowed. In doing so, careful mixtures of homes with light commercial, office and institutional uses can be appropriate to provide for convenient services and to allow people to work close to home. Major new industrial uses are not proposed in these areas. 

So, Coastal Areas, formerly called Environmentally Sensitive Development Areas (ESDA), according to the Land Use Plan of Sussex County " are areas that can accommodate development provided special environmental concerns are addressed. "

Why are we even arguing about anything else? This test should kick out this Conditional Use Application based on the environmental concern that contaminating Sarah Run would contaminate our Inland Bays!

Access Point Proposed on Angola Rd - right next to Sarah Run

When driving in heavy rain, you may have to drive through water rushing from the East to the West across Angola Rd.

Now with the proposed access point to this fueling station so close to Sarah Run, the oil, gasoline and diesel droppings from cars and trucks will wash into Sarah Run stream, then into the Bay.

Inland Bays Foundation Report of 2016 

In its in-depth studied 2016 report, State of The Delaware Inland Bays,  it says the trend of the quality of our Inland Bays watershed is going from 'Fair' to 'Poor' as the population of the Inland Bays watershed grows and Land Use of the area changes.

Do we not care about the quality of Inland Bays, which is vital to our tourism industry, the pride of the place we call 'home,' and the future of our children and their children?


Shouldn't This Be a Special Environmental Concern that must be addressed before developing in 'Coastal Areas,' as defined in Sussex Comprehensive Plan?