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DE/Sussex Codes on Source Water Protection


Delaware Code - Title 7, Ch 60, Subchapter IV



Natural Resources

CHAPTER 60. Environmental Control

Subchapter IV. Source Water Protection 

§ 6084 Source Water Protection Citizen and Technical Advisory Committee.

The Secretary shall consult a citizen and technical advisory committee, as established by the Delaware Source Water Assessment Plan, on matters related to the implementation of the Source Water Assessment Plan and the requirements of this statute. 

[For DNREC's Source Water Protection program and Citizen and Technical Advisory Committee , see   and  ]

SUSSEX COMPREHENSIVE PLAN - 7.2.3 Water Supply Protection

> <    (page 7-6)

"DNREC oversees the state’s Source Water Assessment and Protection Program (SWAPP) . . . "

"Under DNREC regulations, assessments have been completed of the vulnerability from contamination of each water system. DNREC provides assessment reports to water systems and the Delaware Health and Social Services Department’s Office of Drinking Water. "

"One of the best ways to avoid contamination of important water supply wells is to avoid intensive industrial and commercial development that uses hazardous substances in adjacent areas. Once toxic substances enter an aquifer, they can be extremely difficult to contain the contamination and to remove the substances from the water. "