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Crime Potential in the neighborhood

Convenience Store - target of crime

Convenience store hold-ups account for about 6% of all robberies in the nation. One study noted:

  • Convenience store employees suffer from high rates of workplace homicide, second only to taxicab drivers.”
  • Decreased number of staff at night
  • Isolated work site
  • They sell enormous amounts of fuel, lottery tickets, phone cards, and other specialty items that produce tremendous cash flow.

Convenience Store - Nighttime Hangouts


7-Eleven Fueling Station Not Welcome

 Angola area families value the beauty, peace and solitude that this DE coastal area provides. There are already convenience stores & gas stations locally to service the residents- at Peddler’s Village, in Long Neck, along the Rt 1 corridor and soon to be in Pelican Landing Shopping Center. There is no need for another “super” commercial land use site in the Angola area.