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Watch Our Councilmen During Hearing and Contact them

Watch Their Focus during the Public Hearing in the Video

 CU 2176 Hearing starts about 4:23:00 in the following video: 

 Sussex District map  is found at  

Please do not forget to write also to:

Sussex Administrator: Todd Lawson

(302) 855-7742 


Council Clerk:  Robin Griffith >< 

(302) 855-7743 

Michael H. Vincent - Council President - District 1


Contact: (302) 629-2396
Email Michael Vincent     or


 Former Seaford City Council member, as well as a past chief, past president and lifetime member of the Seaford Volunteer Fire Department, and a one-time president of the Delaware Volunteer Firefighters Association. Mr. Vincent owns a small business, Vincent Fire Equipment, which supplies volunteer fire companies throughout Delaware with the essential, life-saving tools the fire service and public depend on. Mr. Vincent considers public safety, land use and fostering economic development opportunities among his top priorities. 

Up for election in 2020.

Councilman Vincent voted 'NO' to C-3 Zoning Change  application in 2018.

Samuel R. Wilson, Jr. - District 2


 Contact: (302) 856-2972
Email Samuel Wilson     or  



Believes preserving agriculture, creating jobs and protecting individual property rights.

A strong supporter of property rights, typically votes in favor of development projects, attracted a lot of attention when he voted against rezoning for the Overbrook Town Center, the largest commercial project ever proposed in the county.  He said his eyes were opened during a recent trip along backroads in the Lewes-Rehoboth Beach area. “I've never seen so many homes,” he said. “I didn't realize it was that bad.”  He wouldn't say if the trip would influence future votes. “We have to be careful. I voted against a housing project near Trap Pond, and we got sued,” he said.  In 2012, Sussex County officials settled a federal fair-housing lawsuit following denial of a proposed development near Laurel. The settlement allowed the developers the opportunity to resubmit plans for consideration.   While county officials admitted no wrongdoing, the county’s insurance carrier paid 750,000.  Plan was later withdrawn.

2020 is his last year in the Council.

Councilman Wilson voted 'YES' to 2018  C-3 Zoning Change  application. 

Irwin G. Burton III - Council Vice President - District 3


Contact: (302) 313-5501
Email IG Burton     or < 


Almost 30 years of professional experience including eight years as a consulting forester managing thousands of acres of timberland throughout the south; 15 years as an environmental attorney – five in private practice, 10 as regulatory council for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection; three years of volunteer work in Sussex County, including in-depth involvement with the League of Women Voters of Sussex County's Comprehensive Land Use Plan Forums.

Smart growth by definition accepts that growth and development will continue to occur and seeks to direct that growth in an intentional, comprehensive way. It involves growth zones, open space, transportation, affordable housing, density and population demographics. A new plan must be based on this definition, developed in detail and then followed.

Up for election in 2020.

Councilman Burton voted 'NO' to 2018  C-3 Zoning Change  application. 

In Hearing Video:

5:16:00 Improvement on Angola

"Would you do anything different to your design?"

5:22:00 "Can you live with that condition?"

Douglas Hudson - District 4


Contact: (302) 542-1432
Email Douglas Hudson      or  < 

During its May 3, 2016 meeting, Sussex  Council unanimously approved the appointment of Hudson to the county's P&Z commission.  Hudson was Nominated him Councilman George Cole said:"I want him to challenge the other members to do the right thing."  During his May 3 interview, Hudson said he supports responsible growth and property rights, but the impacts on the environment and other communities must be considered as well.  

He is a retired Delaware State Police trooper with 26 years of service. He is a part-time realtor and serves as school safety monitor for Indian River School District. He also has experience in construction consulting. He was an independent contractor in the real estate office of Sussex County Councilman Rob Arlett, R-Frankford .  Volunteer firefighter, 27 years with state police.Currently a realtor with Beach Bound Realty 


In Hearing Video:

4:54:00 Concrete Barrier - width, height and length

5:00:50 "Have you talked to that person? - meaning across Rt 24

5:13:00 Distance to Angola exit? WPA questions

7:06:00 He asked whether the duration of public comments was 5 business days. No, he was told it is 5 calendar days.

John L. Rieley - District 5


Contact: (302) 858-8649
Email John Rieley     or 



Maintaining the County’s strong fiscal management, protecting the environment, and expanding economic development opportunities through efforts such as broadband expansion.

Retired financial adviser and former Sussex Republican Committee Chair 

longstanding family ties rooted to farming and the financial banking/investment world.


In Hearing Video:

4:38:00 Wellhead Protection Zone

4:44:00 Bucket for Gasoline Catch

5:00:00 DelDOT Letter - just received

5:07:00 "You did business study?"

5:20:00 Timeline for construction,

"I travel there everyday."

Our Representatives

Governor, John Carney 

Email to Javier Horstmann,

 Director of Constituent Relations & Legislative Assistant to Governor Carney