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Why do we oppose cu2176?


Do you see anything concerning?

Angola Rd Exit/Entrance and the Location of Sarah Run

Look where Sarah Run is in the Google photo on top.

Now look at the bottom left photo to see where the current access road to the site is and the blue line that is 'Sarah Run.'

Now look at the bottom right photo to see where the proposed access point is, in regards to the location of Sarah Run.

Then, there is more:

The right side of the thick orange line in the bottom left photo says "LO," which is the soil type that gets 'frequently flooded.'

Sarah Run:

Sarah Run run to Burton Prong, then to Herring Creek, and into Inland Bay - only 0.4 mile downstream.

Sarah Run runs along the edge of our 117-acre Wellhead Protection Area.

Sarah Run goes through the edge of the site,  and it is lower than the site of the proposed large fueling station - Runoff from this site will flow into Sarah Run.

CU 2176 in a Nutshell


Conditional Use (CU) Permit Application in Sussex County, DE

CU 2176 is the application number submitted for a Conditional Use Permit

to grant the land use of  3.5 acres in AR-1 zone in Coastal Areas, 

to build a large fueling station and 7-Eleven,

at the corner of Angola Rd and Rt 24 in Angola Area.

History - It was Zoning Change (CZ1855), Denied on 12/11/2018

This is essentially the same zoning change application that was denied in 2018. 

Find more about it.

Why Oppose It?

There are many problems with this application. Summary of problems are listed below.

Conditional Use should NOT be for a large fueling station: 

Conditional Use in AR-1 is often permitted for small home-based businesses with limited hours of operation that do not generate much traffic - not for 24/365 operation.

Drinking Water Source in Danger:

Potential contamination to the adjacent 117-acre Wellhead Protection Area will affect thousands of residents, if the unthinkable should happen. 

Environmental Concerns:

This site is located in Coastal Areas, formerly known as Environmentally Sensitive Developing Areas, that allows development 'provided special environmental concerns are addressed.'

On the edge of this site runs Sarah Run that runs to Burton Prong, to Herring Creek and then to the Inland Bay. 

Traffic Havoc:

This large fueling station with 16 gasoline pumps and 4 diesel pumps on a separate canopy will bring unnecessary extra traffic to the area. Aren't diesel pumps for trucks and trailers? Large vehicles, that may travel on Rt 24 but not on Angola Rd, will all have to exit this site through Angola Rd, right near the Sarah Run culvert.

See DelDOT's January 2018 report of  Henlopen Transportation Improvement District (TID), Existing Conditions Traffic Analysis

Angola Rd and Rt 24 intersection received "F" for AM traffic and "E" for PM traffic! Only 2 of 62 intersections studied fared worse.

This 24/7 operation does not fit with Conditional Use.

Council Voted 'NO' on Jan. 7th, 2020 !

 Updated on 1/8/2020: 

Thanks to all who have pulled and pushed, cheered and cleared the way, we finally heard the Council say, 'No!' 

It was not much assured of, though hoped for, and received with much relief.

Many residents are now looking ahead. 

We know one is down and behind, but there will be many more. So, please watch and support us as we move forward.